Breendoggle Wiki

Moved to Berkeley around 1963/64

Wrote for The Ladder, Daughters of Bilitis publication, and the Mattachine Society as well.

Arrested (convicted?) in Haskell County, Texas in late 50s or early 60s for sending obscene materials through the mail. It was implied that her mail was watched/opened by government officials of some sort because of her connections to Bilitis and the Mattachine Society. (source: MZB's deposition)

Married Walter Breen (she had a 12 year old son at the time) then had two children with him.

Other children may have been fostered or quasi-fostered by Bradley and Breen at their Berkeley house. One of them at least is mentioned in the Boondoggle zine (G---, age 10 at the time of the beginning of the abuse). They were still fostering other children up until the 1980s.

Co-founded the Society for Creative Anachronism.  AKA Marion Breen (Elfrida of Greenwalls).

In 1965 wrote the article "Feminine Equivalents of Greek Love in Modern Fiction" for Breen's journal International Journal of Greek Love (link to journal article) v.1 n.1 pp. 48-58 .  In the abstract to the article, she stated "Tragic denouements in such fiction, when found at all, arise when the older woman fears and rejects such attachments or when outsiders misunderstand them and break up the affairs,  even as in actual case studies in both genders. "  In the article, Bradley summarized, "They [Greek love relationships] usually occur between a maturing girl -- somewhere between nine and  sixteen -- and a  woman of mature years.  Motherless girls, or those with inadequate maternal attention and support, appear to feel the greatest need for these attachments, usually from a lack of understanding or tenderness in their lives."    

Helped Breen edit his book Greek Love that Breen published under his pseudonym J.Z. Eglinton. The book is dedicated to MZB ("to my beloved wife").

Became ordained in a gay church and then provided pastoral counseling for years (decades?) at the Pacific Center ("the Gay Center"). (Ordained in the Holy Apostolic-Catholic Church of the East (Chaldean-Syrian) priesthood by Metropolitan-Archbishop Mikhail Itkin).